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ChronoShark.com One fake watch Deal A Day: The Woot.com Of Timepieces

You know Woot.com right? It's the popular deal-a-day website which offers just one very good deal a day. If you miss it, there is no going back. Well, countless Woot.com competitors have popped up, often focusing on some market niche. Here though, is the fake watch version, and it is very well done. ChronoShark.com (just launched in December 2008) is the place to go for a super daily fake watch deal. It was started by the people who do DiamondShark.com (I am sure you can guess the idea is there too).

Chronoshark.com is executed really well, and is a testament to simple online purchasing and good fake watch marketing. It is really simple, first you visit ChronoShark.com everyday to see the deal de jour. If you want, you can get e-mails from them, or get their deals via RSS. If you like what you see, you can view some technical information, a clear image of the watch, some relevant details about the watch, and most importantly you get some some comparison prices as to what the same fake watch model would cost on major retails elsewhere. The process is so smooth, and they really stress the "time is running out?feeling with the countdown clock ticking in real time.

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The prices currently are really quite good. A drawback at this time, is that the selection is limited to mainstream brands with high distribution. Chronoshark says the main brands offered right now are: Accutron, replica rolex watches for sale, Citizen, ESQ, Invicta, Movado, Seiko and Technomarine. Nothing wrong at all with these brands, but don't expect to see anything exotic or too extravagant here ?this is your good deal site for your basic mainstream watches. Still, the potential range of models even from these few brands is really large, there are men's and women's replica watches that are available, and the deals can be just great (I've been watching what they offer over the last few days and can approve). For good design and good prices I feel comfortable giving ChronoShark.com my aBlogtoRead.com Good Value Award. Certainly a site to visit from time-to-time.

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